Types of Diamond Grinding Wheels

When it comes to purchasing a Diamond Grinding Wheel, you have many different options. There are Metal bonds, Ceramic resin bonded, and Sintered wheels. In this article, we will discuss how each of these types of wheels works, as well as the differences between them. We will also discuss why one type may be better than the others. Read on to learn more!

Sintered Diamond Grinding Wheel

If you’re looking for a high-quality grinding wheel that can last for years, consider investing in a sintered diamond wheel. These wheels are composed of a diamond matrix and a solid aluminum core and are available in several grits. Since they are so durable, they’re an excellent choice for industrial applications. For maximum performance, purchase a wheel with one grit higher.

A Sintered diamond grinding wheel is made of a special type of alloy called CBN. The carbon in this type of wheel provides high levels of hardness and toughness. A metal bonded diamond grinding wheel does not have these characteristics. This material can hold the high temperature required for grinding. For this reason, the carbon content of a Sintered Diamond Grinding Wheel is higher than that of a metal-bonded diamond wheel.

Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Wheel

The metal bond diamond grinding wheel is the product of advanced technology, which improves the performance of the abrasive. The existing technical means have some defects, which limit their research and development. To improve the service life of the tool, researchers have studied various technologies. These include electrostatic pressing, electric conduction sintering, and vacuum sintering. This research also considers the porosity control. Its production has become more efficient and durable.

In addition to this, the metal bond diamond grinding wheel has an improved dressing and sharpening ability due to the introduction of pores. These pores increase the chip space of the grinding wheel, which is one of the major factors for its improved performance. High-frequency welding is also another method that can be used for enhancing the performance of the metal bond diamond grinding wheel. This method is also highly economical and can be used for all kinds of grinding processes.

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Ceramic Resin Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheel

The Ceramic resin bonded diamond grinding wheel combines high sharpness and shape retention, with excellent heat transfer. Its resin band prevents abrasive grains from coming off easily, while its excellent sharpness makes it suitable for the high-quality grinding of difficult materials. Its resin band offers amazing heat transfer resistance, which is necessary for high-speed grinding. Its excellent sharpness makes it suitable for heavy-duty applications in various industries.

To maximize the effectiveness of the resin bonded diamond grinding wheel, the coating weight percent should be less. This is because excessive amounts reduce the concentration of diamonds and reduce the dressing of the resin bonded grinding wheel. In addition, the diamonds should be in a range of 60/80 mesh to 200/230 mesh size. Any size outside this range does not provide the desired packing density. The surface coating should be preferably low-temperature-resistant.

The Bottom Line to Diamond grinding wheel

A diamond grinding wheel is used for sharpening the teeth on reamers, finishing the front surface of dies, and sharpening hard alloys. The abrasive layer of a diamond grinding wheel consists of synthetic diamond powder encased in a resin or vitrified bond. They come in many sizes and grits, which may vary according to the type of application.

A diamond grinding cup wheel is used for different-roughness grinding. For fine grinding, the diamonds’ quality may be lower, but they last longer. It is important to choose a type of wheel with a higher-quality diamond bond. A higher-grit type will increase its working efficiency.

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