Multi Point Diamond Dressers

Multi Point Diamond DresserThe Multi-Point Diamond Dresser is a precision tool designed for exceptional performance. It comprises numerous natural diamonds with excellent crystal characteristics, meticulously embedded in a durable, wear-resistant bonding material. The arrangement of these diamonds can vary, allowing for single-layer or multi-layer configurations, depending on the specific application requirements. What sets the Multi-Point Diamond Dresser apart is its ability to distribute the workload effectively. By utilizing multiple diamond points in contact with the grinding wheel’s surface, it significantly reduces the unit pressure on each individual point. This ingenious design not only extends the tool’s lifespan but also ensures that each diamond point is fully utilized, maximizing its efficiency. Multi-Point Diamond Dressers are particularly well-suited for the dressing of large, wide grinding wheels, where their superior performance truly shines.

Our company, as a manufacturer of Multi Point Diamond Dressers, has gained a reputation for providing clients with industrial diamond tools at wholesale prices. As a Multi-Point Diamond Dressers exporter, we ensure that this product is accurately constructed employing cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials in compliance with industry standards. As a Multi-Point Diamond Dresser supplier, we also offer a comprehensive selection of additional diamond tools in various specifications to meet the demands of our customers.


  • Set the Multipoint tool into the center of the grinding wheel.Multi Point Diamond Dressers
  • Depth of cut should not exceed more than 0.01-0.04 mm.
  • Use plenty of coolant to increase the tool life.
  • The mounting must be vibration free, with the clamping length as short as possible.

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