Single Point Diamond Dresser

Single Point Diamond Dressers

The Single Point Diamond Dressers is more versatile dressing tool, which is used for turning and dressing of grinding wheel. They are made of carefully selected raw diamonds mounted in holders by means of special bonds. The dressing tool for Grinding Wheel takes care of two main functions, it removes abrasive grains which have become completely worn out, and it recreates the correct geometric shape of the grinding wheel. We offer 3 grades to refinish the wheel, when the wheel becomes dull. The pores between the grains become loaded with the material ground.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Single Point Diamond Dresser to customers. As an exporter of Single Point Diamond Dresser, our product line is widely utilised in the diamond industry. This product is widely used in the diamond cutting industry as well as other sectors. As a wholesale supplier of Single Point Diamond Dresser, we can assure you that it is free of faults, requires no maintenance, and is among the best quality dressers available.

Single Point Diamond Dressers – SELECTION OF THE DIAMONDSSingle Point Dia Dresser

The selection of the diamonds depends upon the dimension of grinding wheel, its hardness grit size, abrasive type, and individual dressing operation. We recommend the following thumb rule for selecting the size of diamond

(Radius of wheel+width) x 0.004 = Carat size of diamond (1 Carat = 0.2 gm)



Single Point Diamond Dresser
30 – 46 0.60 -0.30
50 120 0.30 0.10
180 320 0.10 0.02
Grinding Wheel
Dimension In mm
Diamond Size
Diameter Width Carat Size
100 12 0.25
150 12 0.30
175 12 0.50
250 40 0.75
350 25 1.00
350 30 1.25
350 50 1.50
Grinding Wheel
Dimension In mm
Diamond Size
Diameter Width Carat Size
450 50 1.75
600 50 2.00
600 75 2.50
600 150 3.00
750 75 3.00
750 100 3.50
900 75 4.00


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