Diamond Wheels and Vitrified Bond CBN Wheels

Diamond and CBN Wheels

What is Diamond Wheels?

Diamond wheels are primarily designed for a wide range of applications, including rough grinding, semi-finishing, micro-finishing, polishing, cutting of hard alloys, magnetic materials, molds, measuring tools, knives, cutting tools, glass, stone materials, and ferrite workpieces. Their versatility makes them an excellent choice for various tasks in precision machining and material processing.

What is CBN Wheels?

With vitrified Diamond CBN grinding wheels, metal components such as camshafts, tools, crankshafts, mould and dies, and other alloys may be readily and economically surface ground. The stiff, extremely porous material offers low stress and high-temperature durability. When combined with free cutting they have a good stock removal efficiency with less waiting time and lower machining and operating cost.

These moderately priced CBN wheels will outperform their competitors’ existing models in terms of service life, maintenance requirements, and surface polish. These CBN wheels also have lower energy requirements and grinding sound levels.

Vitrified Bond Diamond Wheels and CBN Wheels

We offer a wide range of industrial diamond tools as a leading supplier of Vitrified Bond Diamond Wheels and Vitrified Bond CBN Wheels. Our complete line is made under the close observation of quality controllers, ensuring the highest levels of quality. We have produced many Vitrified Bond Diamond Wheels and Vitrified Bond CBN Wheels at wholesale prices for various industrial, commercial, and private clients throughout the world over the years as a manufacturer of Diamond Wheels and CBN Wheels.

Our tools are the preferred option of many clients as an exporter of Diamond Wheels and CBN Wheels because of their great performance and lifespan. Our products are ideal for use in the diamond industry because of their utmost accuracy. Below are some of the applications of Diamond Wheels and CBN Wheels.

Application of Vitrified Bond Diamond Wheel

Grinding & Dressing Following Material

Tungsten Carbide, Steel composite Material, Ceramics-Oxides/Mixed Carbides, Ferrites, Graphite, Sheet Glass, Optical Glass, Other Metals.

Application of Vitrified Bond CBN Wheel

Grinding & Dressing Following Material

High-Speed Steel-HSS, Die Steel, Super Alloys, Cast Iron, Tool Steels (Un hardened), Other Hardened Ferrous Materials.

Available in Resin & Metal Bond

Dia CBN Wheels

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