Multi Point Indexable Crown

Multi Point Indexable Crown

A Multi Point Diamond Dresser in which sharp natural diamonds are set in a circular rating plane. As soon as the diamonds on the indexed position are completely Adjusted on the shank for new points. Shanks for the crown are made to customer’s specifications.

Our firm has acquired a reputation as a manufacturer of Multi Point Indexable Crown. As a wholesale supplier of Multi Point Indexable Crown, this product comes in a multitude of forms and sizes. As an exporter of Multi Point Indexable Crow, our supplied variety is well valued by our global clientele.

APPLICATIONS OF Multi Point Indexable Crown:

  • All types of large wheels where fine truing is considered important.M Point Indexable Crown
  • Specially recommended for cylindrical grinders.

Multi Point Indexable Crown ADVANTAGES:

  • The diamonds can be completely used up and resetting is redundant.
  • Since two or more diamonds come in contact with the wheel the work load on the diamonds is divided and the diamonds last longer.
  • A large area of the wheel is dressed more efficiently in a relatively shorter time than a single point.
  • As several points are in use simultaneously the feed may be safely increased.
  • Finer finish is obtained on the wheel due to the crystal shape of the diamonds employed.
  • Can be used for side dressing.

Multi Point Indexable Crown SIZES:

  • MIC-24 with 24 Diamonds for wheel size up to 600 mm diameter wheel.
  • MIC-36 with 36 Diamonds for wheel size above 600 mm diameter wheel.

Multi Point Diamond Diameters

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