Diamond Lapping Compound for Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals Finish

A diamond lapping compound is a paste that contains fine diamond particles in a liquid or oil base. These compounds are used in finishing operations to increase the cutting action and operation life of machine parts. Because of their special formula, these compounds are able to maintain their viscosity at high temperatures. They are also highly effective for finishing electronics and electro-optical components. These materials are usually packaged in 5 cc syringes.

What are Diamond Lapping Compound?

It is a highly versatile compound because it can be used on a variety of materials. The powdered diamonds are suspended in the liquid, giving it a highly polished finish on all parts. It is easy to use because it comes in plastic syringes. It also comes in oil and water soluble formulations.

Where are Diamond Lapping Compound Used?

Kutwel supplies precisely graded diamond lapping compound in syringes. Coarse grades are best for rapid removal of stock, while finer grades are best for finishing. The latter are used for metallographic samples, which require abrasives of less than two microns. Grinding produces a good enough finish, but lapping will enhance it. A good diamond lapping compound can be an excellent choice for finishing work.

Diamond Lapping Compound for Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals Finish

How are Diamond Lapping Compound made?

Kutwel Diamond Wheel is the premier supplier of diamond compound. These compounds have been proven to deliver accurate polishing and rapid lapping. The Kutwel Diamond compound is made from premium precision graded diamonds, and a water/oil soluble lubricant. Whether you are working with cast iron, MDF board, or leather strops, Kutwel Diamond Compound is a valuable tool for precision lapping and polishing.

Benefits of Diamond Lapping Compound

Kutwel diamond lapping compound is an excellent choice for polishing all types of metals, including metals and ceramics. A syringe contains diamond powder in a liquid vehicle that offers aggressive polishing while ensuring consistent part quality. Its plastic syringe allows for easy cleaning. The material is water soluble and dries quickly after use. It is also ideal for tool room use. This diamond lapping compound is a water-soluble compound, so it is suitable for most applications.

In Conclusion

Kutwel diamond lapping compound is a great choice for polishing all types of materials. The compound is water-soluble and comes in a plastic syringe. The syringe is very easy to clean. The syringe also is water-soluble. A plastic syringe is ideal for the initial charge of a lapping disc. The syringe is convenient for quick clean-up.

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